FEC Activity: Celebration at ORTO

On 09 December 2017, CODD organised a get-together at ORTO for the Family Excellence Circle (FEC) programme participants. This event is set as a celebration of the participants’ commitment to the programme for a year. On that day, the five groups that make up the programme finally met each other.


Since it is held at ORTO, the highlight was prawning. Participants engaged in a competition to get the prawns with the longest claw as well as the tagged prawns. Naturally, those who won, received prizes.

Some of the children even got to do their own fishing in the ‘Longkang’ section.

Furthermore, what good is a celebration without a cake?

Overall, the event was a success. A participant was especially happy as she and her family managed to scoop up most of the prizes. “It’s really great that I can be with my family and prawn together!”

This event basically wrapped up the FEC activities for 2017. There will be more FEC activities to look forward to for 2018.