Mass food ration/filming for “Projek Hulurkan Tangan” 24.02.2018-25.02.2018

On 24.02.2018 & 25.02.2018, Jamiyah’s Communnications and Studio department organised the filming for ‘Projek Hulurkan Tangan’.

On 24.02.2018, the event was held at Foodbank Warehouse and 53 out of 59 beneficiaries collected their food ration, 45 of whom are Malays, 4 Indians and 4 Chinese.

On 24.02.2018, the Communications team invited national Silat athletes Shakir Juanda and Syeik Farhan, Chefs Mel Dean and Umi Abdullah, actors Isa Bora and Gloria Tan, singer Sarah Aqilah and her husband Jabbar Kamsani, and comedians Ahmad Stokin and Zainal Ihim to distribute the food ration and interact with the beneficiaries.

On 25.02.2018, there were actress Fizah Nizam and Cheryl Aida, actress Yuslina Yusoff and her mother, Azlina Ibrahim, actors Wan Hadad and Tammie Chew, National Soccer Athletes, Shahril Ishak and Amy Recha and Ustaz Zahid Zain and DJ Dyn Norahim.

On 25.02.2018, the event was held at Jamiyah HQ and 40 out of 42 beneficiaries collected their food ratios, 32 of whom are Malays, 4 Indians and 4 Chinese.


Chefs Mel and Umi Abdullah interacting with one of the beneficiaries.

Ustaz Zahid Zain and Dyn Norahim interacting with one of the food ration beneficiaries.