FEC Activity: Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Singapore Zoo

On 22 November 2017, selected beneficaires went to the Singapore Zoo as a part of the Family Excellence Circle (FEC) programme. The highlight of this visit is the behind-the-scenes tour where they got to visit the Wildlife Nutrition Centre and the Wildlife Healthcare & Research Centre.

The main aim of this activity is to open up the participants’ worldview as it is rather rare to see what actually goes on behind-the-scenes of Singapore Zoo. Since this is a family activity as well, it also creates an opportunity for bonding with parents and their children.

As part of the tour, participants get to know more about the daily diet of the animals. Not only that, they learnt about the standard medical care given to sick animals.

All in all, the tour went off well, especially with the children, due to its interactive nature.

A participant even remarked on how it is a great opportunity as they would not have been able to visit the centres on their own.